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After our last day in Vienna we boarded a train to Prague, Czech Rebpublic. We were really excited to get here as we have heard nothing but great things about the country. We when we arrived at the station that night we were approached by an elderly lady who offered us a cheap place to stay. I am not really into the people picking us up but she just kept coming back. Since it was late at night we decided to go for it and took her up on her offer, it really was a good price. In the train station I tried to exchange some Slovenian Tolars that I had been carrying around with me for a while as no one would take them. This guy said he could and handed over some Czech money, luckily we had printed off some conversion cheat sheets ahead of time and it took me about a minute to realize this greasy-haired dude was ripping me off. I hurried back and he said "fine dont take it" and threw my money back. This exciting little adventure is probably the worst of anything that happened to us, yes we have had a smooth ride. So we headed on some trains with the lady and came to our station where we walked up some stairs and arrived out in the centre of Prague. This was quite the entrance. We were standing in the famours West.... something square where in 1990 the citizens of Prague demostrated until their leader declared that the communist state was over. It is a huge tree-lined boulevard lined with lots of city life, instantly I loved the place. So we headed to our new home which was quite close by. We new we were headed somewhere good when we saw the signs" Czechs largest Irish pub this way!". Our place was in an old apartment building as most are, where the doors are all 12 feet tall. It had the smell of cats but it was cheap and spacious with breakfast, but most importantly we were on top of a bar and down the street from the Irish one as well as others. We went to the bar under us that night. There was a football game on so we had to have some of the beer that I heard about. I am not a beer drinker but like they say Czech beer is really pure and is quite ok to drink, I definitly thought so that night! Anyways the beer is literally cheaper than water, about 1.20 CAD for a large pint, wonderful.. The next day we went exploring slowly through Prague. It is a wonderful ancient city, when I look back it was my top 3 for the most beautiful. Every single building was like a ancient castle or palace, and has that old ugly character look that I like. We werent feeling so great so we decided to take it easy and do what we like best, souvineer shopping!!! Later we saw the Da Vinci Code, a day before all you North Americans did. Only problem was that all the french and latin was written in Czech subtitles. By walking around we found out that we were staying in the old town as we like to. The only problem is that you are warned not to due to heavy traffic of Stag parties and lots of hustlers, its alright we like the excitement. Like I have said before we have really great luck, this day we happened to be walking through a wonderful square surronded by hundreds of people staring at one of those really weird clocks that turns in every direction. We stayed and watched, as soon as it hit whatever time some old puppets came out danced and then spit, an event which everyone thought was hilarious. We werent the most impressed, but glad we got to see it.
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The place we were staying also had a underground mall under it where we found out that a awesome reggae artist was going to be coming tongight. So later that night we went for supper and beer at the place we went to the night before then headed to the show. It was a fantastic live preformance that lasted many hours. A great thing about Prague is that everyone speaks english so we had tons'o fun. The major attraction of Prague is the Prague castle, I think which is the largest in Europe. Let me tell you it is nothing special. It is a quite modern looking building that is just a million years long. Thats all we heard about so we took a tour that began with a van ride. The tour guide had to speak a few languages and by the time she got to English, whatever she had been talking about we had passed minutes ago. The driver was too fast so the tour guide would yell at him and we would miss the attraction. When we got to the castle it was easy to see she really didnt care too much. Anyways the castle sucked but the cathedral inside was amzing. Prague castle no thanks. Next we went to the Communism museum. It was one of the best museums we have been to. It was very real and really hit home. We watched a documentary that was absolutly horrible to see plain clothes policemen beating on their own people during demonstrations and the hardest part to believe is that it was only in 1990 that this ended. That night we had a chill night and just went to our regular pub for supper after much exploring. The next day we signed up for a Jewish Quarter tour. The Jewish quarter is an area of town where most jews lived during many years when the city was seperated. It was a long and really enjoyable tour. Prague is just so beautiful and filled with some many stories. This was my new favorite city. Afterwards we finish our day we some important shopping for real Absinth, the stuff that makes you hallucinate. Only in Czech are you supposed to find the real stuff and even here it is a hunt. The really good stuff is kept behind the counters and sometimes they wont offer it to you. So Josh found one small bottle, all other stores were sold out, and bought a sample size one for 25dollars. The mikey size bottles go for two hundred dollars if you can find them. The next step would be getting the illegal substance across the US border..

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