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Around 10am we arrived at the train station in the capital city Lijubljana a city whose name is one letter away from the translation to 'jewel'. As usual we were completly unprepared so the first step was to find a place to sleep. We began with our lonely planet book which is a few years old but has not disapointed yet, that is until today. We went to one hotel the book suggested because it had good prices and seemed like a nice place to stay. Once we got there we could not get over the prices! It was so cheap we were picking out all the things we could add on to the room just because it was so ridiculosly cheap. Slovenia has one of those currencies that deal with very high numbers like 5000 tolars equals 26 CAD. So turns out we were reading the price list a little bit wrong, you know off by a couple thousand. Instead of the price being 3000 tolars it was more like 30 000, its the fact that they use decimals when we use commas, thats what screwed us up. So we quickly ducked out and began to search at a few different places. So we strolled along the water to see what we could find then went to the toursit office which turned out to be very helpful. They called one private place a pension that would take us in. So we took another death defying cab ride there, we have gotten to really enjoy taxi rides now. So we had a usual nap, the train we had taken the night before wasnt so successful because this time the heat would not turn off and I was so hot I thought my feet were going to shoot off like rockets!! Today was Monday so all museums were closed so we decided to just walk around. We had not heard to much about Lijubljana and from first appearences it did not strike me as a place with too much to see so we figured we would leave the big city and head to a little resort town the next day. This night we went down to the water for something to eat and found the perfect resturant where a little band started to play and attracted a bunch of media attention, I know I know they just cant stay away from me. After we walked through the city park which is absolutly gigantic. In easter europe they really appreciate their green space. We got a little lost, well I think so but Josh says he knew the whole time and a couple hours later arrived back at our place. So not anything against this beautiful city full of old buildings and museums but it just didnt strike us as anything we hadent seen before. The next day was another early one, we had a big day planned and it started with a train ride to Postyana a city that attracts millions of vistors a year because of its caves that are the third largest in the world at 21 km long. It was a rainy cold day, oh yes just great for super humid cold caves. I rented a jacket because in one of my purges of sending stuff home I sent home my rain jacket and only have one sweater which is just stupid. Anyways we boarded the little train a took off for a few km into the cave. There is just nothing like what I saw that day. These caves which absolutly gigantic enough to house underground cities. We traveled for about 20 minutes into the cave and then got out for an hours walking tour. Hear we saw all types of stalagmites and stalactites and saw some human fish. The tour was phenomonal well the caves were, even those I was cold the trip was very much worth it. After we got a taxi up to the train station and got a train to the resort town Bled. Bled is located in the mountain area of Slovenia and supposed to be really nice so we took a leap of faith like all other places and took a train into the remote area. We arrived later that night around 9pm and hopped off the train to go try and find a place to stay. First of all we had to find the town. We got off the train at a stop called Lesce-Bled so we assumed it meant both cities we near. So we started walking with absolutly no direction or any idea, we just knew we were looking for a lake. A little bit later after some time spent in one direction we switch direction and headed the other way. Here we found a possibility of somewhere to stay until we found out that Bled was about 20 km away. We made our way back to the station, the reason for the two town stop was that Bled is in such a remote area no train goes into the area. So we waited for a regional bus and rode into Bled. Again we did not know where we were going so the bus driver stopped somewhere and told us where to find a hostel. After some hiking in the dark we found a gorgeous hostel and got up to our room which was definitly one of the nicest ones we have stayed in yet. The next day we woke up and explored this area. It definitly is a tourist place but only because it is postcard perfect. The village surronds a lake that is surronded by mountains and huge green forests. The village is very famous for its ancient castle that sits on a cliff above the lake. So we went walking and decided to stop at a cafe for a drink which turned into a bunch of drinks. Josh and I have been little angels this trip, I can count on one hand the number of times we have been drinking so it was due. We moved around to a few places and then went to the park and then up to a beautiful church and the home and then to eat and that was our entire day. The next morning we asked to stay another day, we just didnt get too much done the first day. Josh and I got into a little tiff, maybe we werent feeling so great from the night before. So we split up and went our seperate ways, I can tell you what I did. I went walking down past the lake and got some souvineers and then walked up to the church, again. I remember from the day before that it was beautiful but I didnt remember much else so it was worth another trip. I hiked my way up to the castle but by the time I got to the entrance I was so tired of walking up hills I just went back down. Later I saw Joshs photos of the views from the castle that are amazing!!! You must be tired of hearing amazing and beautiful, but I just cant help it we just go everywhere that is amazing and beautiful!! So we grabbed our bags and headed to the train station and caught a train to Maribor, Slovenia. This was just a departure town for us so we got there found a place to stay in a university residence and relaxed for the night which includes ice cream and a walk around town, you know another night walk around a beautiful ancient town. The next moring we left for the bus station and after a struggle with the train station authority to authorize our passes we were on our way to Graz, Austria.
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